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Main objective with the guide: to be stronger in general. Stay lean and build muscle mass. (Recommended weekly division: 2-3 days of training, 1 day of rest, Repeat!)

8 week guide
2 weeks divided
10 different workouts
5 days of training and 2 days of rest per week
Weightlifting and cardio

3 days of lower body / 2 days of upper body / week
Videos for each exercise and tracking in the AFLETE application.
PDF for training and exercise library.

This is the definitive summer guide! Divided into 4 days of hard work in the gym, 1 WEEK followed by 1 WEEK LOW for 8 weeks. 2 days of active rest and 1 day totally free every week. This guide will surely challenge you and help you enter a summer shaped body!

The goal in this summer guide will mainly be to increase your booty, get leaning legs, make those abs work and hit sweaty cardio sessions!


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