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Free weight: the best kept secret
For beginners, machines have some advantages. It is very difficult to injure yourself. They are easy to learn. For the gym, they mean less spending on monitors, accident insurance policies and also makes the gym look more modern.

However, almost all the exercises that are done with machines can be done with free weight. To make matters worse, free-weight exercises are much more effective.

The free weight is generally reduced to two types of weights: bars and dumbbells. The bars can be loaded with discs of different weights. The dumbbells are usually in a counter where you will find all sizes, from one kilo to 40 or more.

When you get to the gym and have your first conversation with the monitor, the most usual is to treat you like a typical woman. Your task is not only to get fit, but also to make you feel good in the gym and pay the fees for a long time.

The monitor knows that many women are afraid of weights and much more of free weight. So, not to scare you, you will avoid those exercises that are precisely the ones that can help you the most.

For example, squats with a bar are a basic exercise that can radically change the appearance of your legs, hips and waist in a very short time, even if you start with an empty bar. But very few women do squats in gyms. Instead they will put a program with ten different machines and half an hour of elliptical cardio.

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