play video, the routine you should follow in the gym to start getting fit

When a person joins the gym and has barely played sports, you can have many questions and doubts about how you should train, what exercises you should do, if you should follow a specific order in terms of exercises, how often you change your routine …

If we do not have all (or most) of these clear issues, we may not achieve our goals, injure ourselves or, worse, end up leaving the gym and practicing sports in a short time. And these tips are equally applicable whether we are going to start training in a gym or if we are going to train in our house.

The importance of structuring a routine well, especially if you are a novice
Organize your routine well, choose the exercises and especially the order in which you perform, is one of the most important parts when training. And if you are a beginner and you are starting in the gym, it is even more important, since it will be basic in the achievement of the goals that you set and in the possibilities of abandoning in case of not observing any progress.

As a general brushstroke, the best way to structure an exercise routine would be to start with multiarticular exercises (which are the ones with the most muscle mass going to be involved in the movement) and finish with analytical or isolated movements (which are those in which only one muscle is worked, for example, a biceps curl).

Basic conditioning routine: what should we do the first weeks?
We start from the assumption that we have never trained before or that we have been without sports for a long time (years) and we want to get fit to have healthier habits. What should we do?

The best way to start during the first weeks (we are talking about a period of between six and eight weeks at least) would be to opt for a full-body routine with the objective of greasing our entire body and getting used to the exercise. This type of routines are often used to adapt newcomers to the gym or for those who have been injured and begin to adapt to physical exercise.

Within these first weeks, we will work with light weights that we will increase progressively as our muscles become accustomed to the requirement of training, to avoid also, as far as possible, the dreaded laces.


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