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Functional training has recently become very fashionable, especially through sports disciplines that are practiced, such as crossfit. And it is not for less, because this type of exercise has many benefits for the body, since it allows you to get fit through activities that simulate movements that you do in your day to day and that make it easier for you to work practically all the muscles of the body.

If you do not have time to go to a gym or a sports center specialized in this type of disciplines, in a COMO we explain how to do functional training at home so you can be in shape and improve your physical capacity.

Tips before doing functional training at home
Before you start doing functional training at home, it is convenient to know that you are really healthy and that you can do a physical activity although, initially, you will start moderately.

In addition, you must be aware of your own limitations and initial capabilities to start the exercises gradually and progressively, especially if you have not played sports for a long time and you tend to lead a sedentary life. It is best to start with about ten repetitions of each exercise. As you progress, you can expand the training table with more exercises, which you will do with a greater intensity and for longer.

And one last piece of information before starting: it is convenient that you know that, if you have to lose weight, only with the functional training you do at home it may not be enough because it is practiced in less intense sessions than in sports centers. So, the safest thing is that you have to practice some sport or aerobic exercise to burn more calories and fat. For more information, in this other article we answer the question of “Does functional training lose weight?

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