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The buttocks are the muscles that join the back with the back of the legs and, in addition, one of the parts of the body that more people strive to work in the gym. However, it is also true that it is one of the most complicated muscles to train, since it is not easy to get hypertrophied to make them grow and stand out in an attractive way.

However, it is true that there are some specific exercises that can help you tone this muscle group and that, in addition, can be adapted to the capacity of each person. In the following article, we discovered 10 infallible tricks on how to make the buttocks grow: the best exercises, how to increase the buttocks without exercise and how to climb glutes quickly. Take note and charge the batteries!

Exercises to increase glutes
The glutes, like any other muscle in the body, can be exercised to increase in size and have more elasticity and strength. If you have already tried to increase the size of your buttocks or improve their appearance, you may have realized that it is one of the most complicated muscles to work and redefine; however, that does not mean it is impossible. There are some ideal exercises to strengthen, tone and enlarge this part of the body as well as other parts such as the legs or hips:

Lifting hips or bridge
Climb stairs two by two
Buttocks kick
Donkey kick
Fire hydrant
Next, we explain in detail how you can perform each of these exercises to increase your glutes quickly.

Hip or bridge elevation
One of the main exercises to work these muscles and increase the glutes is the lifting of hips. To perform this exercise, you just have to follow these steps:

Lie on the floor on your back and with your legs bent. Use a mat or mat to not hurt your back.
Make sure the soles of the feet and back are well supported on the ground. The legs should remain flexed at all times.
From this position, perform hip lifts repeatedly. You must force your buttocks when you elevate so that the exercise gives good results.
The final position should be with the soles of the feet supported as at the beginning of the exercise but with the back diagonally to the ground.
If you want to carry out a more demanding version of the exercise, you can do it with one of the legs stretched and suspended in the air. In this case, you will have to do the repetitions first with the gluteus of the leg flexed and then change legs and repeat with the opposite gluteus.

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