Video your best motivation to exercise

your best motivation to exercise

Fitness expert Chris Jordan, of the Human Performance Institute of Florida, set out to find the solution to the sedentary lifestyle of office workers and executives, thus defeating his most hackneyed argument: the lack of time. Fit a workout in the daily routine can be a challenge and, therefore, designed a plan of high intensity to get fit in just seven minutes a day. Yes, you read correctly, no kidding: just seven minutes.

His research, published together with Brett Klika in the magazine ‘American College of Sports Medicine & Fitness’, became one of the great successes of the welfare gurus, who fell behind the effectiveness of the program. Not without controversy or skeptics, the popularity of the seven-minute training has reached unsuspected levels.

The best thing is that you do not need anything more than your body and a chair that can support your weight. Although the motivation is also important. You only have to dedicate 30 seconds to each of the 12 exercises and rest about 10 between them. The order should not be altered, since it is designed to tone opposing muscles and alternate different heart rhythms.

The interest in this revolutionary method is such that the editors of the ‘Business Insider’ decided to try the plan in their own flesh. Eric Brodwin, who admits having doubted his effectiveness at the beginning, has been following the training for a year: “The first four exercises were so easy that I started thinking that the fame of the plan was nothing but self-aggrandizement”.

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